Case Study: Grease Optimization at Waste Management Alliance Landfill

Customer Testimonial by Lubrication Engineers:
Monolec® Extend EM Grease (1282)
Waste Management / Alliance Landfill – Taylor, Pa.
Toshiba 300-hp Electric Motor

• Reduced operating temperatures by 15-20°F (8-11°C)
•Eliminated bearing failures

Customer Profile

Waste Management’s Alliance Landfill is a municipal solid waste landfill. When waste is disposed of in landfills, it decomposes in a biological process and produces methane gas. This gas is collected through a system that includes wells, collection pipes and compressors. Since June 2010, Alliance has been piping the gas to a nearby power plant as a renewable energy source, creating enough electricity to power up to 20,000 homes every day.


Four compressors with Toshiba 300-hp electric motors are used to move the gas through a 19-mile pipeline from the landfill to the power plant.


Using a commercial grade grease was causing high operating temperatures, resulting in multiple motor bearing failures.

LE Solution

Kevin Chapin, LE lubrication consultant, recommended Monolec® Extend EM Grease (1282), which is formulated with polyurea thickener and designed for use in electric motor bearings or in other applications where polyurea grease is recommended. It offers superior mechanical and structural stability for long service life. It features low bleed characteristics, excellent pumpability and great oxidation resistance.

After replacing the third set of bearings, Tom Clonan, gas plant manager, decided to try Monolec 1282 in the newly packed bearings before installation. There was an immediate temperature drop averaging 15-20°F (8-11°C) cooler than with the commercial grade product. The lower temperature has stayed consistent since that time. Tom also noticed that the Monolec 1282 flowed better through the drain port than the commercial product that clumped out. The bearing failures have been eliminated since the conversion to Monolec 1282. “I am very impressed with the improvement in temperature we have seen using the Monolec 1282 grease,” Tom said.

Other Products Used

• Almaplex® Industrial Lubricant (1274)
• Perma® Star Vario single-point lubricators
• Bijur centralized lube systems

Thank you to Tom Clonan, gas plant manager, and to Kevin Chapin, LE lubrication consultant, (pictured) for providing the information used in this report.

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