‘Bearing Technology & Maintenance’ Conference


Top Link Presents ‘Bearing Technology & Maintenance’ on 20-22 Jan 2014, KL

This course presents a systematic approach to bearing fault and failure prevention in a broad range of machinery. The key routes to maintenance cost avoidance are demonstrated through a brief overview of metallurgical failure analysis.

bearing-technology-and-maintenancewslOct. 30, 2013(31 Oct), Johor Bahru, Malaysia- Top Link Conference & Event Management provides a general overview of bearing operation and maintenance. Bearings are machine parts that help other moving machine parts work efficiently. Almost every piece of machinery in an industrial facility uses bearings. At the completion of this training series, participants will be able to describe the different types of bearings, their functions, and corresponding maintenance procedures.

bearing-technology-and-maintenancewbcntTo attain reliable operation with high equipment performance and the lowest possible maintenance costs, it is essential to follow proper handling practices. This includes bearing storage, removal, cleaning, inspection and installation. The useful life of any bearing depends to a great extent on the care and maintenance it receives. This is especially true in industrial applications, where operating conditions tend to be harsh, loads are heavy, and contamination from dirt and scale are common.

Our training led by Ronald Frend, a UK based & has almost 40 years of engineering, consulting and management experience. Ronald Frend as a registered engineer and has almost forty years of engineering, consulting and management experience. Ron used his experience and expertise of maintenance, reliability and engineering. His clients include Shell, Exxon, BP, Chevron, BASF, ADNOC and others.

Combined with his extensive teaching expertise mentoring thousands of engineers, you will: understand of equipment failure analysis techniques, gained the knowledge to help specify a bearing which is suitable for the operating condition, understand of a range of predictive maintenance technologies for bearings, and guidelines indicating how these technologies can interact with and support each other. A practical approach to developing an action plan to optimize the application of different bearings by fitting them into the overall maintenance strategy, and measuring benefits

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