Calculation Software for Mechanical Engineering

 MESYS AG based in Zurich/Switzerland provides standard software for shaft and bearing analysis with customers in 25 countries on 4 continents.The shaft analysis software allows to model shaft systems from single shafts to whole gearboxes connected by gears. Nonlinear bearing stiffness, elastic housings or elastic planet carriers can be considered either for single load cases or using load spectra. Natural frequencies or harmonic response can be calculated in addition to the static solution. A parameter variation allows a quick evaluation of the influence of selected parameters on system results.

The load distribution of rolling element bearings or ball screws is calculated within the shaft system or separate programs for the calculation of bearings and ball screws are available.

The rolling bearing calculation software determines the load distribution within the bearing and calculates the reference life according ISO/TS 16281. Centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments are considered for high speed ball bearings. Interference fits and temperature affect the operating clearance and therefore the load distribution and bearing life. The effect of tilting angles or moment load can be evaluated too.

At booth A23 in hall 25 in addition to MESYS AG also GWJ Technology GmbH and Delta JS AG present their software solutions for mechanical engineering.

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