Carter Manufacturing Limited partners with OAV Air Bearings in an exclusive agreement to bring the US manufactured precision air bearings and assemblies to the European marketplace

Carter Manufacturing Limited announced it has established an agreement to exclusively distribute the products of the air bearing manufacturer OAV Bearings Inc to the 27 European Union member countries.

OAV-CarterCarter Manufacturing Limited provides a variety of specialist bearing products and support services to a wide variety of industry sectors including Aerospace, Defence, Military, Motorsport, Scientific and Commercial.

Karl Brundell, Managing Director of Carter Manufacturing Limited, said:Combining OAV’s range of precision air bearings & assemblies with our expertise and capabilities positions Carter Manufacturing to offer a more comprehensive range of specialist bearings to our customers. This partnership demonstrates our continued commitment to offer supply solutions based on excellence to our global customer base.

In addition to offering OAV’s bearings and assemblies to OEM customers, Carter Manufacturing Limited will also stock a selection of OAV air bearings at its Oxford warehouse to expedite customer service and on time delivery for aftermarket requirements.

OAV Air Bearings was founded in 2007 as a division from O’Aviation Corp which provides quality fastener solutions, bushings and bearings. OAV’s mission is to set a standard of innovation in the field of Air Bearings and to continuously improve the integrated logistic solutions for assembly components, for Aerospace and Defence industries. The company is located in Princeton, NJ.

OAV’s dedication to quality is unrivalled in the industry. OAV’s commitment to on time delivery is surpassed only by demand for unwavering quality in all OAV’s precision air bearing and assemblies. The OAV name promises reliable, repeatable performance from the entire array of precision products and design solutions available.

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