Chinese customs and the war on counterfeit bearings


According to Shanghai customs officials, there were 121 cases and investigations carried out in the past three years to stop the export of counterfeit bearings, worth for11 million Yuan. The majority of the identified violations were well-known Chinese and worldwide known brands of bearings.

Photo: General Customs Administration of Peoples Republic of China
Chinese customs officials detected more cases of cross-border transportation of counterfeit bearings

Counterfeit bearings are widely used in a variety of machines – from small electric motors, fans to trains and ships, affecting the effectiveness and stable operation of the equipment. The existence of counterfeit bearings is a serious danger for the world industry.

The Chinese Custom Authorities announced that they acknowledge the problem and increased their efforts in recent years to combat counterfeiting in the bearing industry and clean up the market. In order to avoid further damages to the National economy, the Customs Administration contacted representatives of interested manufacturers, vendors and industry organizations, for exchange of information, risk analysis, joint seminars and other forms of cooperation.

The Beijing Capital Airport Customs Service could intercept immediately after the cooperation 7241 sets of counterfeit bearings of famous brands, which were sent to India, Thailand, Singapore and other countries.

However, despite the taken measures, counterfeit bearings from China have a stable tendency to increase. Especially export to developing countries where the industrial markets and infrastructure is easier to mislead.