For axial and radial bearings, sliding surfaces or support rings, friction and abrasion are permanent challenges. We offer a wide range of different ceramics and graphite materials and solutions. The enormous diversity of materials and the corresponding spectrum of their respective properties make it imperative to enlist the service of specialists when it comes to the development, selection and design of the right solution. This is where Schunk Carbon Technology, with expertise accumulated through more than 100 years of experience and history, comes in.

Schunk Carbon Technology develops and manufactures components from an extremely broad portfolio of materials. These include

  • carbon,
  • graphite,
  • carbon fiber reinforced carbon and plastic (CFC and CFRP),
  • silicon carbide,
  • aluminum oxide and
  • quartz

Worldwide the materials experts at Schunk have operations at 38 locations. Schunk Carbon Technology is a division of the Schunk Group, an international technology group with more than 8,100 employees in 29 countries and consolidated annual sales of over one billion euros.

Everywhere where two media come into contact with each other – whether its solid-solid, solid-liquid or even solid-gas – friction and/or abrasion automatically become an issue. It is for exactly this reason that Schunk Carbon Technology develops customer-specific solutions. Our competence is based on comprehensive knowledge of both graphite and silicon carbide. Thus, we cover the entire spectrum of standard carbon applications, up to and including high-end diamond coatings – i.e. from hard to soft.Development partner for LCC Optimization

Whether its wear, pH values, temperature, thermal shock or sliding speed, for all specification parameter, Schunk stands ready to serve you as an experienced development partner. This makes it possible to take advantage of the entire technological bandwidth of carbon materials or silicon-carbide ceramics for development projects as well as to optimize the manufacturing and life-cycle costs of the components.

Without fail our solution provided added value in the form of

  • longer product lives,
  • wider operating temperature ranges,
  • better resistance to aggressive media and
  • increased reliability.

It is not unusual that components which had previously had to be made of differing materials for different applications are successfully replaced by a product variation made of a single Schunk material which covers a much larger scope of application – while also providing an economically-sensible margin of safety. Furthermore, creating optimized components through joint-development work can expand technical limits and lead to new applications.
The best way to find the optimal technical and economic solution is to involve Schunk Carbon Technology as a development partner at an early stage, in which we can provide support with a material design tailored to your application. Schunk will be putting on an impressive display of the opportunities such development collaboration presents at the Hanover Messe 2017 in Hall 6, Stand A 46.

Hanover Messe Hall 6, Stand A 46