Energy saving initiatives at GTCI plant

At SKF, we strive to identify ways to achieve a constant improvement in our environmental performance. All our manufacturing units, logistics and technical centers lay emphasis on sound energy management practices, the ‘Global Technical Centre India’(GTCI) is no exception.

At GTCI, an energy saver panel is installed for lighting loads, this energy saver is a high efficiency device that optimizes the voltage and current as the energy consumed increased in the approximately square of input voltage. Hence, the output energy would reach to an optimum level. The efficiency of these energy saver panels can be understood with a simple fact that they save nearly 25% of energy in lighting loads. 3583 KWH/annum is saved because of the energy saver panel.

A high efficiency LED lighting has replaced the traditional CFL lighting system which consumes comparatively less energy. Besides this, the emergency lighting is kept off at GTCI plant suring regular operations , thus saving around 72,240 KWH/annum.

On the 1st floor of the GTCI plant, interconnected swegon Air Handling Units(AHU) are installed. The basic function of the AHU is to take in external air, condition it and supply fresh air to the entire plant. During winter, the AHU pre-heats the fresh air and during summer it pre-cools the fresh air, saving 26660 KWH/annum. These efforts for environmental conservation were recognized and SKF was conferred with the prestigious 7th Kaizen Award in December 2016 in Pune.

There is a dedicated solar hot water system for GTCI canteen that supplies hot water for dishwashing needs, saving nearly 20000 KWH/annum. The heating, ventilation and Air conditioning(HVAC) system which consumes a considerable amount of energy is to be replaced with a chiller of 25TR capacity with a view to save nearly 125000 KWH/annum. Right from its establishment, the GTCI plant has managed to save nearly 2,70,000 KWH/annum, which converts to 2 MINR/annum in monetary value.

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