Experience & Performance to Meet the High Demand of the Hydropower Industry


GGB is leading the way in hydropower bearings. We have the extensive experience, expertise and proven product performance to meet the ever-increasing global demands of the hydropower industry. Our high-quality HPF®, HPM, HPMB®, GGB-CBM® and GGB-DB™ hydro bearings are specifically designed for use in turbine wicket gates, operating ring axial and radial bearings and valves.



GGB offers many solutions for renewable energy applications, notably in the hydropower industry where we have extensive experience and expertise. We can also provide bearing solutions for other energy applications including wind, solar, oil and gas, offshore, nuclear and tidal energy.

The Son La hydroelectric project in Northwestern Vietnam was supplied with made-to-measure, self-aligning spherical GGB hydro bearings. GGB designed and installed custom-made GGB-DB™ spherical bearings in the cam rollers within the heavy roller gates to provide ultra-low friction, maximum wear resistance and complete corrosion resistance. The environmentally friendly bearings are maintenance-free and have an estimated service life of more than 500 years.

At the Changheba hydropower dam in China, our GGB-CBM® self-lubricating, bimetal bearings are used in a number of applications including the wicket gates, linkages, servomotors and operating ring adjustment mechanisms of new Francis water turbines. GGB turbine bearings were selected for the project by one of the largest OEM turbine manufacturers in the world, Harbin Electric Machinery Co. LTD (HEC), thanks to our expert technical support and the high performance properties of our GGB-CBM® bearings, including longer service life, reduced maintenance, improved operation and lower costs.

Vietnam’s Machine & Industrial Equipment (MIE) chose GGB to supply bearings for the An Khe-Ka Nak hydropower project. GGB provided cylindrical GGB-DB™ self-lubricating bearings for the project’s radial gates and HPF® axial bearings for the intake service gates. Even in wet, dirty environments and seawater exposure, the bearings offer absolute corrosion resistance, maximum wear resistance and a long service life.



The high load capacity of GGB bearings provides significant savings in new hydroelectric installations. Thanks to their self-lubricating properties, GGB bearings do not require additional lubricants, avoiding the possibility of water contamination.

Maintenance-Free and Corrosion Resistant

GGB self-lubricating bearings require little to no maintenance, the structure and composition makes them corrosion resistant in wet environments.

Technological Leadership

Our bearing experts have the knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging applications. GGB is the industry leader in the development of advanced polymer bearing materials.

Quality & Environment

Our HPMB®HPM and HPF® turbine bearings meet hydropower industry standards for turbine wicket gate applications and the self-lubricating nature of our bearings eliminates the need for additional lubricants that can contaminate rivers.

Flexibility and Product Reliability

The flexibility of GGB bearings facilitates replacement of laminate fiber and bronze bearings in existing installations. Thanks to our network of worldwide employees, global manufacturing facilities and global supply chain of local sales offices and distribution centers, customers benefit from quick deliveries and product reliability. At the 2015 Hydro conference in Bordeaux, France GGB presented a white paper titled “The Reduction of Tribo-oxidative Wear in High Frequency, Low Amplitude Oscillation for Wicket Gate Bearing Applications,” the paper examines how the use of self-lubricating, fiber/resin composite bearings can reduce or eliminate this phenomenon for less system wear and improved bearing life. For more information please contact [email protected].


GGB’s corrosion-resistant, greaseless HPM, HPMB® and HPF® composite materials are specially designed for use in turbines, gates and valves, combining the self-lubricating properties of PTFE with the high strength and stability of an oriented, glass-fiber-filled epoxy resin backing. Machinable liner of HPMB® composite bushing material offers attainable IT7 inner diameter tolerance with post-installation single point machining. With extensive experience and expertise in the hydropower industry, our HPMB®, HPM and HPF®bearings meet the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ requirements for wicket gate applications in turbines per testing conducted byPowertech Labs in British Colombia.

GGB offers a line of high-quality, performance-proven bearings for a variety of applications including:

  • Turbines: Servo-Motors, Operating Ring Sliding Segments, Linkages, Wicket Gates (Guide Vanes)
  • Pelton Turbines: Injectors, Deflectors
  • Gates: Intake Gate Sliding Segments and Rollers, Spillway Gates
  • Ancillary Equipment: Fish Screens, Trash Gates
  • Valves: Ball and Butterfly

GGB bearing experts are available to deliver solutions for hydropower and other renewable energy industries. GGB responds to each application’s specific needs with a vast range of standard or custom bearings to offer high load capacities, low friction and wear, long life, reliability, low water absorption for dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance.

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