GGB Scheduled to Present on Maintenance-Free High Performance Bearings at VDI’s Knowledge Forum

GGB Senior Manager Technology, Juergen Eder, is scheduled to present on self-lubricating plain bearings made of high performance materials during VDI’s Knowledge Forum, May 15-17, 2017, at the Pentahotel in Wiesbaden, Germany near Frankfurt.

Juergen Eder’s presentation, titled “Self-lubricating High-Performance Plain Bearings,” will cover self-lubricating plain bearing materials, properties and characterizations, bearing design and application examples and the influence of operating parameters. Juergen Eder will present on the final day of the event.

The three-day training course, titled “Modern Sliding Bearings,” is geared for engineers and technicians from the fields of design, calculation and development as well as maintenance specialists. Attendees will deepen their knowledge of calculation methods, material selection, lubricants or design guidelines for plain bearings in order to make friction bearings even more effective in the future.

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