NRB Industrial Bearings for Bucket Conveyor Application


Case Study :
NRB Industrial Bearings Limited for Bucket Conveyor Application

Customer: Cement Industry

Product Requirement: Bearing for Bucket Conveyor Application

Bucket Conveyors: Variety of bucket elevators are used for the vertical conveying of bulk materials like cement, iron ore, bauxite, wheat straw, fly ash and many others.

Operating Condition of Bucket Conveyors: The operating conditions impacts the performance of bearing used in the conveyor.

  1. Long Operational Hours
  2. Load Variation
  3. Heavy Dust and Dirt
  4. Temperature Variation
  5. Vibrations
  6. Improper Lubrication

Customer Issue: Decreased Service Life of Conveyor due to Frequent Bearing Failure. It was impacting productivity as well.

Reasons of Bearing Failure : Contamination due to Load Variation and other operating conditions.

Product Expectation: Customer wanted a Better Quality and a Reliable Product which could provide Higher Service Life to the Bucket Conveyor.

NIBL Solution: After understanding & analysing the actual problems at customer end, we recommended our Premium & EA design 22226 EA B33 to overcome the Bearing Failures issue.

Customer Benefits :

  1. Increased Machine Uptime & Service Life
  2. Reduced Maintenance
  3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Benefits to NIBL :

  • Happy & Satisfied Customer
  • NRB Industrial Bearing recognized as the Best & Reliable Bearing Solution Provider

Team Involved : Support & Solution provided by NRB Industrial R&D, Quality, Application Engineering and Sales Team together won the customer’s confidence.

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