NRB Industrial Bearings for Pulverizer Machine Application

Case Study:

NRB Industrial Bearings for Blower Application of Pulverizer 

Customer : Manufacturer of Pulverizer with Blower
Product Requirement: Bearing for Pulverizer‘s Blower Application
Pulverizer Machine : A pulverizer or grinder is a mechanical device used for grinding of different types of material like Stone, Coal etc

Operating Condition of Pulverizer Machine:

  1. Heavy Dust and Dirt while Stone Crushing
  2. Long Operational Hours
  3. Temperature Variation
  4. Vibrations
  5. Improper Lubrication
  6. RPM @ 2160

Customer Issue 

Decreased Service Life of the blower & machine because of frequent bearing failure, resulting into heavy production loss.

Reasons of Bearing Failure
Contamination ( dust & dirt ) and Rising Temperature during  operations

Product Expectation  
Customer wanted a better quality and a reliable bearing solution which could provide higher service life to the blower and machine.

NIBL Solution 
After understanding & analysing the actual problems at customer end, we recommended our Premium & Best Quality EA Design Spherical Roller Bearing 22314 EA B33 to overcome the Bearing Failures issue.
Value for Money Solution – Conformance with ISO standards 3245.

Customer Benefits

  • Increase Machine Uptime & Service Life
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Benefits to NIBL 

  • Happy & Satisfied Customer
  • New opportunity and experience gained
  • NRB Industrial Bearing recognized as the Best & Reliable Bearing Solution Provider

Team Involved
Application Engineering and Sales Team together won the customer’s confidence.

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