NTN-SNR launches a targeted range for distributors

NTN-SNR’s dedicated range of tapered roller bearings: 750 references to fulfill distributors’ needs

NTN-SNR is launching a dedicated range of tapered roller bearings (TRB) for distributors operating in industrial markets. With the most extensive metric and imperial range in the market, NTN-SNR has cemented its status as a leading supplier capable of addressing industry’s most demanding needs for this type of bearing. NTN-SNR has created a range of 750 clearly identified references, so that distributors can focus on an instantly available range of Japanese-manufactured premium bearings delivering superior performance, most of which are available in case-hardened steel. In addition to the 750 references in this dedicated range, NTN-SNR still offers its customers close to 3,000 tapered roller bearing models.


A comprehensive core range of TRBs to satisfy distributors and industry

With its dedicated TRB range for distributors, NTN-SNR is offering a two-in-one core range that addresses the vast majority of needs for single-row tapered roller bearings, whether metric or imperial. With 200 metric references, NTN-SNR covers all the most widely used bearings, while its 550 imperial references satisfy nearly all the most frequently requested bearings. NTN-SNR has strengthened its reputation as a major supplier of all tapered roller bearings in response to the needs expressed by industrial distributors. To develop this
programme and the associated dedicated ranges, NTN-SNR has worked on its supply chain to ensure that products are always available to European distributors and has also focused on creating a clear pricing structure for the range and enhancing its visibility. Consequently, distributors have access to a wealth of specific documentation covering the range and can easily look up and order products from the NTN-SNR e-shop.

Premium quality and superlative performance for the entire range

All the tapered roller bearings in the dedicated range for distributors are premium-grade parts, manufactured in the Group’s Japanese factories and offer high performance for such demanding applications as construction equipment, agricultural machinery and steelworks. Our stringent supplier selection process guarantees that all bearings are made from steel of the highest quality.

70% of the range from case-hardened steel

Over 70% of the range is manufactured from case-hardened steel, whose reference numbers can be identified by the 4T prefix. The 4T prefix guarantees that each component (inner and outer rings and rolling elements) is produced from case-hardened steel. This steel initially features a low carbon content. During the process of transforming the steel into bearing components, additional carbon is infused into the surface layer of the steel (called the case-hardening process), but not into the core. Once hardened, the steel presents the following characteristics:

  • High superficial hardness of the component, which is ideal for guaranteeing bearings with a long service life
  • Good core resilience (soft core), meaning the ability to absorb the application’s impacts and heavy loads

These characteristics help increase bearing service life by 40%.

Superior geometric design

Finally, accurate control over the bearing’s internal geometry reduces the torque and significantly improves roller performance, while increasing the number of rollers in the same space to raise the dynamic capacity bar by over 30% for NTN-SNR tapered roller bearings.

NTN-SNR ROULEMENTS, headquartered in Annecy (Haute-Savoie, France), belongs to Japanese Group NTN Corporation, a global leader in bearings. NTN-SNR manages and develops all NTN’s activities for the EMEA region and Brazil. NTN-SNR, a major force as a designer, developer and manufacturer of bearings and sub-assemblies for the automotive sector, industry and aeronautics, offers a comprehensive range by also developing maintenance services and solutions. NTN-SNR employs 4,379 people at nine production sites, including six in France, as well as 18 sales offices.

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