OAV Air Bearing Introduces Roller Air Bearings


OAV Air Bearing is the leading manufacturer for rotary air bearings. In some cases there is a need for precise rotary air bearings to measure torque on a spindle. In some cases there is a need for smooth motion or a need to eliminate downtime to replace or maintain a standard bearing periodically. OAV Air Bearing solves these issues along with many others such as friction, vibration, oil or heat, and the list goes on.

OAV Air Bearings have emerged as a very important element to precision technology. Many questions and concerns arise when determining how to implement air bearings to an existing unit.OAV Air Bearing has a solution.

OAV Air Bearing brought Roller Air Bearings into the market. This is the most convenient of all rotary air bearings. Perfect for spindle applications or any application which requires smooth and precise rotation.

OAV Roller Air Bearings are unique and the only product of its kind. The Patent Pending product is designed to fit exactly the same way as a standard roller bearing would – the same size and very simple light press-fit method of installation. This makes it very easy for a direct replacement, eliminating the need for costly installation.

OAV’S innovative design includes an all-in-one package with the core air bearing and face collars in one product. Therefore, the air bearing is already pre-aligned and tuned for maximum performance.

OAV Roller Air Bearing Features

-All-in-one design. Includes face collars built into the bearing

-Outer diameter grooves allowing for light press-fit or epoxy for easy installation

Advantage of OAV Roller Air Bearings

-More robust design since no porous material is exposed

-Easy to install, replaces conventional bearings

-Compact design

-Uses standard bearing tolerances for light press-fit

-Easy to fit into most assemblies without additional modification

-Precision-frictionless technology -More effective at blocking oils/contaminants from the environment

-Reduced air consumption

Advantage over rolling element bearings

-No Friction

-Indefinite Operating Life

-No Maintenance Required

-No Heat Generation up to 140,000 RPM -High Accuracy

-High Speeds

-Clean Air

-Reduced Vibrations

-Damping Effect

-Easy Installation

-Can often replace conventional bearings

-High Stiffness

-More resistant to shock loads

-Operates over wide range of temperatures

-No Noise -Resistance to Dirt

-Self-lubricating Material

-Corrosion Resistant

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