OAV Air Bearing launches its’ new product catalogue

OAV Air Bearing – a premier USA manufacturer of Air Bearing Technologies – has launched their new air bearing product catalogue.

OAV Air Bearings cataloguewbDesigns range from Air Bushings, Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Roller Air Bearings, Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Thrust Air Bearings and Bushings, Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings, Air Bearing Assemblies, Custom Air Bearings and Components for Air Bearings.

The layout of the new user friendly catalogue reflects the information on the Carter Manufacturing website which makes finding information a simple task.

There are 10 main reasons to use Air Bearings over traditional roller and ball bearings:

1. Zero Friction giving you indefinite operating life

2. Air is clean giving you a contaminant free and clean environment

3. Zero friction means no heat generation at high speeds

4. High accuracy components

5. Highly accurate motion

6. Higher speed ratings

7. Position accuracy and repeatability better than 0.1 micron

8. Ultra precise linear and rotary motion resulting in:
– Linear accuracy: 10 µin/in, 100 µin/36 in
– Rotary Accuracy: ±1 µin
– TIR Roll/Pitch/Yaw: 0.25 arcsec/in
– Linear Repeatability: ±10 µin
– Rotary Repeatability: 1 µin Positioning Resolution: to ±1 encoder count

9. OAV thrust air bearing is a breakthrough innovation in air bearing technology. For the first time an air bearing is available that fully integrates and works on a three way frictionless surface.

10. OAV aircraft quality titanium material will maximize operating temperature and eliminate distortion due to thermal expansion and also offer much higher stiffness

New additions to the catalogue include linear guides and slides including Box, T, U & Dovetail Profile Rail Guide Air Bearings. There is also a much improved technical section to guide users on the selection and specification of Air Bearings which includes an installation guide which proves an invaluable resource in getting the application to work right the first time. Mounting components and air bearing accessories are also featured.

Carter Manufacturing is the European Master distributor for OAV Air Bearings. Carter Manufacturing helps interface factory knowledge and experience with the European customer. With its unique composition and manufacturing technology, OAV Air Bearing has clear advantages over competitors and their products. Applications range from basic linear air bearing requirements to complex compound movements which can be overcome with the product range in the new catalogue.

To request a copy of the new catalogue please visit the “Information Zone” or the OAV Air Bearing page on our website www.carterbearings.co.uk or ring 01865 821 720 to speak to one of our experienced technical staff.

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