OAV Air Bearings is seeking for distributors throughout the North American marketplace as well as Korea and India

OAV Air Bearings is now seeking distributors throughout the North American marketplace as well as Korea and India for our ground breaking State of the Art Air Bearing Technology! Through recent technical advances, Air bearings offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings as well as create opportunity for a much broader range of applications. Additionally, OAV Air Bearings offer even more because we brought Aerospace technology to the air bearing system! As speed and economy become more important in motion applications, air bearings technologies are getting another look and our innovations are setting the bar high.

OAVAirBearingsOAV Air Bearings allow designers to push the envelope on precision and high speed applications. Unlike contact roller bearings, air bearings utilize a thin film of pressurized air to provide a “zero friction” load bearing interface between surfaces that would otherwise be in contact with each other. Being non-contact, air bearings avoid the traditional bearing related problems of friction wear, and lubricant handling, and offer distinct advantages in precision positioning and high speed applications.

Countless existing and emerging markets are beginning to realize a need for machines that are simply capable of more—more precision, more accuracy, more dependability, and more potential. Whatever the need, OAV is here to provide quality, reliable Air Bearings. With our use of military spec materials we have brought Aerospace to the Air Bearing System! With our 15 years experience in the Aviation and Defense industry we can quickly develop a design based on the application or specific requirements. We provide detailed drawings and 3-D CAD models, can analysis complex issues associated with application from nanometer accuracy positioning to standard calculations.

We are seeking distribution partners and excepting applications for these following territories:
1) North America – Mid -Atlantic | West-Coast | Mid West
2) Korea
3) India

Here is our Distributor Application Form to complete and send to [email protected] for review.

Please visit our site @ oavco.com for our  product review.

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