OAV Thrust Air Bearings

Rotary Air Bearing solutions come in many shapes and sizes. OAV Air Bearings offers both Roller Air Bearings and Thrust Air Bearings, standard sizes ranging from .5” ID to 3” (13mm to 75mm) Shaft Diameter. Custom sizes are also a common option for more specific applications.


When is it a good application for OAV Rotary Air Bearings? These type of porous air bearings are best used when high speed, ultra precision, smooth motion or reliability are required. Unlike contact bearings, OAV Air Bearings do not require any maintenance and have infinite lifetime.

OAV offers both Thrust Air Bushings and Thrust Air Bearings. The difference being that the Bearings are short and used in applications with less radial loads and where compact designs are more desired. Meanwhile the Bushings are longer and provide more radial support. Typically Thrust Air Bushings require Precision Face Collars which clamp onto the shaft to provide axial support. The bearing is very simple and easy to incorporate into any design. Download the solid models at www.oavco.com or contact OAV for more information.

Common applications: spindles, turbines, metrology, motors, optics, wire machines, tensile testing machines, detection equipment, and more.


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