Possible counterfeit large-size bearings delivered by RodaNet in Spain

SKF would like to draw your attention to imports of goods, that SKF has determined to be counterfeit, by RodaNet, a company based in Spain. If you have purchased SKF products from this company, we recommend that you locate the products and take steps to ensure their authenticity, even if they are already being used by an end-user.


If you have purchased products from RodaNet, there is a substantial risk that the products are counterfeit. SKF therefore recommends that you trace these products, taking steps to ensure their authenticity. When possible, also control authenticity of products already mounted by users. Authentication can be received by emailing photos of the products to SKF on [email protected], or by using the SKF ‘Authenticate app’ to take photos of the suspect products. Please make sure that all markings on the bearings are clearly visible in the photos…

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