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Spherical Roller Bearings X-Life Quality

                                                                         Schaeffler India Plant

With around 3,000 efficient employees, Schaeffler India has been producing Spherical Roller Bearings (SRB) X-Life since 2007, in addition to its extensive product range in India, dedicated to support industrial customers. As a listed entity in India, Schaeffler is committed to serve its customers with high standards of corporate governance. India spherical roller bearings produced in the Maneja and Savli plants are used in a wide range of industrial applications from fans, gear box, belt pulley systems, shift calendar in paper machines, continuous caster, vibrating screen to pulley conveyor in mining and vertical rolling mill power plant. Over the years, Schaeffler India has won several Industry awards for its rolling elements segment and products, which is a testament of Schaeffler’s quality, recognised to better support to its customers’ demand worldwide and in the region.

Delivering an outstanding performance: Schaeffler spherical roller bearings are designed for systems in which high loads must be supported and shaft flexing and misalignments compensated. The decades of experience our engineers have gathered combined with innovative ideas, improved our spherical roller bearings even further. As a matter of fact, our quest for perfection in developing our products ensures optimum kinematics and low wear, which increases the service life even more. And that contributes to low maintenance outlay and minimum maintenance costs.

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