Proper Maintenance of Bearings in Ground Engaging Farming Equipment


Farmers can reduce expenses and increase productivity through proper bearing maintenance for ground engaging farming equipment.  Proper lubrication reduces failures and extends the life, efficiency, and reliability of the bearings.  A little daily preventative maintenance goes a long way when in the fields.  Below are some suggestions for proper maintenance.  Please consult your equipment manufacturer’s service guidelines for specific information on maintaining farming equipment.


To properly grease a bearing, the zerk fitting should be cleaned prior to re-lubrication.  The grease gun nozzle should also be clean and free of dirt and moisture. Only use a hand greasing gun as high pressure pneumatic ones lead to over lubricating and displacing of the seals. It’s good practice to grease the bearing while it is turning to evenly disperse grease.  The re-lubrication will push out any old grease which also helps remove contaminants from the bearing.

Keep in mind that too much grease can lead to early failure.  Over greasing the bearings will cause the grease to go through the seal lips and can lead to early bearing failure.  That extra grease is also detrimental to your fields.  The excess grease leads to soil contamination, polluting the precious ground and your livelihood.

If you prefer a maintenance-free alternative, PEER Bearing has a growing line of agricultural bearings that do not require re-lubrication. These units have a proprietary seal construction that is designed to keep dirt, crop residue and water out of the bearing.  They also help increase your productivity by reducing your need to maintain bearings daily, keeping your equipment running efficiently, and minimizing harmful grease going into the soil.


source: Peer Bearing