Rings For Super Precision Bearing Application

PROSINO S.r.l. has been working for the last 25 years at the service of the super precision bearing industry supplying high quality rings and just in time deliveries.

The manufacturing core competences of PROSINO S.r.l. are 4:

1) Sourcing and selecting of high purity bearing steel
2) Turning, milling and drilling operation
3) Heat treating, including subfreezing
4) Vibro-polishing

The 4 above points represents the advantages that the company offer to his customers in form of a complete and competence added value supply.

Prosino’s manufacturing Ring program extends to Hydraulic motors, Aerospace, Industrial valves and many other specialised mechanical engineered Industries. The company has a strong foundation with the proud third generation Prosino family management, successfully updating new programs by adapting the original textile sector with a new range of products to meet this continuous evolving business.

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