Roller Air Bearing to replace your conventional bearings!

Roller Bearing Image

Another breakthrough INNOVATION from OAV Air Bearings in the air bearing technology is presented.

Roller Bearing ImageWith OAV patent pending Roller Bearings this time we provide ultra-precision, hard installed, fixed location bearing to replace your conventional bearings. Result: No frictions, no contact surface, requires no maintenance, indefinite operating life, and no heat generation at high speed. Our Roller Bearings are available to you in English and Metric sizes. For further details, custom designs inquiries or technical information please contact OAV Air Bearings today.

We provide custom designs that are integrated into your product. Quickly we can developed a design based on an application or specific requirements, we provide detailed drawings and 3D CAD models. We can analyze complex issues associated with applications from nanometer accuracy positioning to standard calculation. Using 3D modeling gives us the ability to ensure that they fit and function in the first place. To get accurate drawings for your design we share files in dxf,dwg, sat, iges, etc formats so you can use what you need.

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