Roller Bearings From India

 BMI is a manufacturer and exporters of bearings from India, working with customers in more than 36 countries. With a strong focus on R&D for new developments, BMI has many special / non-standard bearings like current insulated bearings for electric motor, corrosion resistant bearing for humid applications, flexible roller bearing for steel casters.

Apart from it BMI has 700 sizes of standard bearings in stock covering, spherical, cylindrical, full complement cylindrical roller bearings and taper roller bearing as well.

For Steel Industry:

Standard spherical roller bearings, 2 and 4 row cylindrical roller bearings and few other special bearings listed below.

1). Flexible roller bearings – For continuous caster applications.
2). Back up roller bearings – For leveler and straightener machines

For USA/Mining/Aggregate Market:

1) (Type E) Taper roller bearings upto 4 inch shaft sizes.
2) Mounted spherical roller bearings upto 4inch shaft sizes.

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