Rolling bearings for cereals rolling mill


RKB: the Swiss Premium-Class Bearing Manufacturer

The RKB Bearing Industries Group is the Swiss manufacturing organization which has been operating in the bearing industry since 1936, with a monthly production capacity exceeding 350 tons of machined steel. The experience gained over the years provides RKB with the know-how and expertise necessary for the development and manufacture of technological industrial bearings up to 1925 mm outer diameter. RKB offers reliable cost-effective solutions, with extreme operational flexibility, leading-edge service, huge stock availability, short delivery time and the typical quality of a consistent premium class bearing source. With a worldwide distribution network and exports to more than 50 countries, RKB is globally recognized as “The AlternativePower” in the bearing industry.

Why to work with us

RKB bearings are widely used in this type of application. One of the most appreciated characteristics is the reliability of our bearings, that permitted many customers to benefit of a sensible reduction of unexpected equipment failure. In fact, the first quality bearing steel used, the optimized internal bearing geometry, the optimal rolling elements and raceways curvature, microgeometry and much more, lead to an excellent distribution of the external loads inside the bearing.

                                                           RKB Assistance at Customer’s Site

All these technologies, corroborated by the constant presence of RKB on- field technical personnel, are maximizing the overall bearing service life, leading to an increased reliability of the cereals rolling mill.

                                       Modern machine grinding flour making

Application description

Rolling mill stands are used to mill cereals. The cereals are rolled by passing among two counter-rotating cylinders which are supported by two shafts. According to the machine type, there are also cylinders that can be heated during the milling process by means of the heat brought by a fluid. The shafts are usually supported with spherical roller bearings that can be conceived with cylindrical or with tapered bore depending on the machine type or by the desired bearing residual internal clearance after mounting.

The cylinders distance is usually adjusted by the user in accordance with the roller product or with the desired production rate.

                               Spherical roller bearing with tapered bore mounted on shaft seat

RKB Bearing Technical Fiche

Typical spherical roller bearing with cylindrical bore utilized by OEM cereal mills producer. Bearing is mounted on rolling cylinders, the most critical position of the machine.





                              Rolling mill functioning principle
                                                       Cylinder scheme

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