The world’s fastest, easiest and most revolutionary locking system


The patented Z-Lock is the first ever tapered bore locking collar system.  Just tighten the cap screws properly and the specialized tapered bore collar provides extreme holding power on the shaft without causing any damage.  This is a true 360 degree locking mechanism.

Roller bearings are often utilized in highly demanding applications where heavy shock loads are typical. These challenging environments can wreak havoc on bearings by loosening the locking mechanism and causing shaft slippage and damage to auxiliary components. It can be difficult to dismount the unit when this happens, but the Z-LOCK was designed to withstand this type of punishment and to facilitate smooth installation, operation, and disassembly in virtually any environment.

The Z-Lock is a revolution over other bearing locking systems.




Tighten four cap bolts in a star pattern like changing an automobile tire.
Disassembly is easily accomplished with two threaded holes in the collar for standard withdrawal dismounting.

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